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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Schedule calls for KBBS Cardio but really feel the need to lift heavy so switch to D2S Phase 2 Strength 1 added on the warmup since this is really one of the next joint mobility warmup out there, use 20# weights for the push press, 25# for the rows and a 12kg KB for the one legged deadlift, was dripping in sweat as usual when done.

For Cardio, back to Runerval 7.0 wrkt B, 5x90secs ON/2.5mins off, BTFR calls for 3k pace run which will be 8.0mph, for recovery I went between 3.0-4.0, this is a hard pace for me to hold on to for this long but the legs are slowly getting there, treadmill was at 3% incline during this run.

Had just enough time to get in 20mins of UY: Yin Yoga just love Travis.

After work, I was able to hook up with Shelby to get in 2 loops at Hudson Springs, heavy legs but we were able to get the last miles in at a good pace, a bit slower than last week.

Mile 1: 11:03
Mile 2: 11:02
Mile 3: 11:10
Mile 4: 9:57


Had a working lunch at work and despite my best intention, when I logged the meal, I was surprise that despite keeping the calorie low the sodium content was pretty high on things like 97% turkey breast and pickle. I have been trying to bank the workout calories and not eat them, today was the only day I dug into them.

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