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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Early wake up today due to problem at work so was able to get workout in with no stress, D2S P2 RAMP Warmup + Strength 2, love this workout, easy to go heavy then it was on to a wonderful time with Coach Troy, Runerval 7.0 wrkt A, not quite sure why I did what I did last week, did workout B which was 90secs@ 8.5mph then did wrkt A which are 30secs @ 8.0 so this week decided to challenge myself a bit more.

For workout A which is 10x30secs/90secs recovery, did the runs @9mph with recovery @ 3-4mph with 3% incline, for rep #10 tried out 10mph, that was just insane and to think the guys where doing something like 11mph/6% grade ahh. Great workout, no dread factor.

Finish things off with Yoga Warrior 365, which is  a nice cross training routine with Rudy , some kinks in the right leg which I need to keep an eye on.

Felt great throughout the day even thou I was expecting to be tired.

After work, met up with the TORN group for a run around Cuyahoga Falls and Hill repeats, nice fall night and a great way to end the day, legs felt great.

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