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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day started out on a great note and ended on a great high.

Started out the day doing Jillian's No More Trouble Zone DVD, loves this and it kills me every time, probably because and quite sore by the time I hit it in my schedule which is the idea, using only 5# weight since this is high reps.

Afterwards  went outside, it was a beautiful day for a run and got in my 3 miles with 3x1 min/1mile pace run sprinkled in, had the Garmin set to 3x1mile with 1 min recovery and this worked perfect. Didn't quite make the 1 mile pace but was happy with what I ran knowing I have upped the weights this week and was quite fatigue. 1 mile pace 7:38 using TPL of 43 from Brain Training for Runners.

Mile 1 -9:50 (too fast)
1st 1 min - 8:29
Mile 2 - 10:05
2nd 1 min- 8:22
Mile 3 - 10:03
3rd 1 min - 8:21 (at least we are heading in the right direction)

After work went over to Hudson Spring Park to get in a run with Shelby, have been down here in a while nice rolling hill on a 1.8 mile loop

We got back after the 1st loop to meet up with 2 other runners but somehow we missed them so went back out for another loop

Body feels great and my wonderful husband had dinner waiting which even made it so much better.

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