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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Play Date

Some  mornings you wake up and just decide forget the schedule, just do what feels like fun for as long as you want, today was that day. With another windy, rainy and cold day, I just didn't feel like going out for a run, am still feeling pretty yarky from the flu my body is fighting, so another day in the cold day wasn't happening, hence play date.

Play date Rule: Do what you want for as long as you want.

Drop 2 Sizes by Rachael Cosgrove Phase 2 warmup(13mins) + timed metabolic(15mins) + complex metabolic(10mins)

P57 bonus moves 1 & 2 - this is so good for those pesky small butt and abs muscles,  nice and short too (6mins)

Chalean Burn it off (26mins)+ Recharge(20mins)

Perfect total body combo

Headed off after a quick shower to my girlfriends daughter's wedding, not sure if am getting old or the girls are just doing things early.

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