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Monday, May 5, 2014

Lean 3 + 3

Well, we begin the Chalean + Marathon training today, being awhile since I actually have a running training plan, I have just be wingy it and doing what I want. I will stick to the week day program as much as possible but know that it may be hard to do that with the Saturday run since I trail run and go out with a group.

Running plan is Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald seem to be my go to plan, doing level 1 marathon program about 24 weeks which is prefect for Chicago, I need more races on my Calendar but will see how training go.

Lean #3
1 Squat with Cross-Body Chop -20#
2 Reverse Lunge and Arnold Press -20#
3 Chest Fly with Hip Lift - 20#
4 Kneeling Overhead Press and Center Crunch -20#
5 Push-Up Side Planks - 10 on my toes, 2 on my knees, shoulders were killing me
6 Dead Lift Frontal Press -20#
7 Traveling Push-Ups -On my toes
8 Chest Fly - Abduction - 20#
9 Army Crawl

Love lifting heavy and this felt great, shoulder still a weak point but seem to be getting better.

3 miles @ base pace
mile 1 -5.4
mile 2 - 5.5
mile 3- 5.6

Goal is to stay between 5.4 -5.9 for base run

Yoga for Runners, post run stretch with Flexible Warrior.

Food was good today and I stayed away from the honey wheat pretzels at work and consumed my required 86oz of water, actually currently at 100oz, love the water your body app

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