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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finally Spring

Weather was much better today, finally feels like spring, still a bit cool in the morning but the afternoon temps got to 70+.

Seem to be getting my training groove back, will have to start waking up maybe a bit earlier so as to get to work early which may give me an opportunity to ride my bike after work and not be too late getting home to make dinner and spend time with my husband.

Today's workout was great still some serious DOMS in my chest, thanks to Chalene.

Push 2 -only 8 slow reps so tried staying heavy
1 Standard Overhead Press -20#
2 Single-Leg Lunge - 20#
3 Standing Reverse Fly - 20#
4 Standing Arnold Press -20#
5 Single-Leg Dead Lifts - 20#
6 Bent-Over Lat Raise - 12#
7 Frontal Shoulder Press - 20#
8 Single-Leg Tap Lunges -20#
9 Lateral Delt Raise- 12# a bit of a struggle with the right arm probably need to drop to 10# for better form.

Chalean Ab Extreme - pure tourture

Jennifer Kries Yin Yang Yoga - tend to open emotional doors that may be better off shut.

After work met with Paty to get in our weekly trail run

Didn't see any bluebells, once we realized seeing them involved going up and down another big hill, not today.

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