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Monday, May 13, 2013

Stage 2 - 8 Days in California-Trainer Road

Surviving this 8 days is going to be a challenge, today was another hard climb with sweat pouring down and legs begging for mercy. The last sets of sprints and KOM were a beast, took everything in me not to quit but setting lots of new personal records. Trainer Road

8DC - Stage 2
Strength workout for today was RKS#16 which was 30mins of snatches but I only had time for 20mins so got in 20 rounds of 15secs right then left follow by 30sec rest. Done with this cycle of RKS moving on to Athlean XXX next week.

After work did today's session of Yoga on the go, which was actually an AM routine but didn't get a chance to get it in.

Also tonight completed my first Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge not as graceful as most but feet is off the ground so yeah me. #IWILL

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