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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stage 3 of 8DC

Stage 3 looked easy but boy was I wrong between the sprints, climb and KOM I was a sweaty mess and boy were the legs screaming. This has been a hard 3 days I still think getting to day 8 is going to be  a complete miracle bit I am loving it and seem to have my mojo back.

8DC - Stage 3 for strength today did cyclo-core 2.0 strong since I am in between program, this program wasn't the best choice even thou this is only 15mins it is non stop and pack a big punch. drop the weight down from 12 to 8#, was just in too much pain.

After work with the excess lactic acid still cursing through my veins decided to do an easy run to get them flushed out before stage 4 tomorrow. Legs are quite fatigue from the cycling since it has been a tough 3 days but the 2+ miles run helped quite a bit, no pain just heavy legs.

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