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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outrun 24-Kirtland OH

Well, the race didn't really go as plan but I still have a blast and based on the fact that the training for this race was close to 80% on the bike, I haven't been on a trail since 3/23 and my longest distance this year was also on that day at ~16miles I knew going in, it was going to be a challenge, the endurance was there but not sure about the legs.

The course has one little hill and a downhill on 2 separate sections, with trail you never know what to expect year to year, this year someone was nice to add some good size stones to the uphill and downhill to help with traction, great when hiking but a nightmare when running, by mile 25 my bad right ankle was screaming and by mile 31 a heel blister was forming on my left foot(never had a blister before). I had to decide to stop and take the 50k medal or keep going for the 100k medal.

What was the saying in Forest Gump something like " Stupid is as stupid does" I decided to keep going since I have almost 16hrs to get in the additional 31 miles needed. Taped up the ankle and dealt with the blister, changed shoe and socks, back out I went.

Boy was it hot, the one day I wanted a nice cool day, we ended up with 60+ and bright sunshine.

Round and round I went, by mile 58 the blister was worse so I changed to my Adidas sport flip flop and got in the rest of the mileage to make it 100k, well more people with any common sense will stop right.

Am sure there is a quote that addresses this situation too. I looked at the result sheet and I was 45/85 based on the fast runners that already finished the 100k and left, this is a timed race, how fast you finished is irrelevant, it is how many miles you can get in before the 24hr clock runs out, so yes I went out for more miles. Physically, I was fine except for the ankle and blister but none was getting any worse, there w as a lingering throb by now.

At about 4:45am I had 64miles and was sleepy so decided to go to my car and sleep, I refuse to turn in my timing chip, telling them I will see how I feel when I wake up and decide if I want more mile or not. Was out like a light as soon as I got in my car.

Got up at 6:45am, played with my ankle and blister and realized they felt quite good, so changed clothes and shoes and yes went back out at about 7:15am and got in 3 more miles, finishing mile 67 at 23:52:40, 22/85, 5th female. Going the extra 3miles was something I felt I had to do, too much time with Coach Troy there was still time on the clock and I wasn't dead or puking.

My endurance was fine, nutrition/fueling was perfect so I know I could have done so much better but that is all part of long distance racing, can never predict race day. I had a blast, made lots of new friends and ate tons of junk that my body is in shock.

Almost 100% except for the ankle, have it wrap in duct tape which works much better and cheaper than KT tape and massaging, I know what to do with it since this is not the first time, really need to find someone that truly understand swhat is going on with it.

Love the start of a race

Wasn't done yet so didn't get my medal, this beautiful ladies came out for 50k and ended up 100k
Last couple of miles before the fat lady sang

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