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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recovery Week

Thursday and  I am back to 100%, had my first run since the race today and also made it an outdoor one, got in 3 miles around the neighborhood trying out my new scott running shoe, even thou it is 1 size larger is it  a tight fit so will be ok for run run but not for long ones without ending up with a blister.

Took Monday as a complete rest day, since the ankle was a complete mess, the blister was fine once I popped it and applied some oil to it. The ankle complete tape up with duct tape (love this thing) and interchange applying heat and cold.

Tuesday went to the rec center and got in a nice swim and that felt really good still not making any progress on the swim but I love being in the water so will just continue to get comfortable with it for now should click eventually.

Wednesday with the ankle feeling so much better and I needing a decent workout, got in a trainer road ride West Vidette which is 1x45m aerobic endurance interval ranging from 50-80%FTP

West VidetteAfterwards did RKS#10 including cooldown for 34mins then ended up at the pool for a quick 20mins water play.

The rest of today's workout include Barry's Bootcamp Mission Specialist Upper Body Advanced-12mins this was a complete mistake since my arms were still quite fatique from yesterday's workout. After work got in a 20mins bike ride outside, beautiful perfect night for it.

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