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Friday, April 26, 2013

Coming down to the wire

O24 is tomorrow, I have to say I am severely under train for it but then how do you seriously train for a 24hr race on a 1 mile loop. I know for this race it is all mental, having to fight the urge to quit, nutrtion is also a factor making sure to stay on top of the eating and drinking and not wait til the last minute.

I picked up some playaway from the library to listen to while running and walking, this is probably one of the best gift to ultra running instead of music, listening to some of my favorite books. I do not have the time to setup a play list and listening to the same kind of music for 24hrs will get old fast and I get to listen to a book since I normally don't get a chance to sit down and finish one before they are due back but can get through a playaway within a week. Love them

Periodic race result can be found here, goal is 100miles which if I pace properly we are talking a 11:59 pace in 20hrs or 14:01 pace for 24hours but this being a 24hr race a lot can happen so I am hoping for the best but planning for the worst, above all I want is to have some fun and finish without injured and a smile on my face.

Still a struggle getting the support for endurance races which is  something I really love and not willing to give up. oh well.

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