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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 3/24/13 in Review

Last week was very busy since my scheduler was on vacation so I get to do my job and also his, oh what fun. I was able to keep up with my workout since I considered it especially needed to keep me sane.

My chase the train race was this past Saturday and I had a great time, and was impress that with the minimal running I am doing, my speed has really improved, well for me anyway.

The race was at 11am, so I decided to get in a 90mins ride, did Antelope from trainer road which is 5x10mins in sweet spot zone with 5 mins recovery, 22 miles later headed out for the run, I wanted to make sure I did this in under 80mins because the train back to my car leaves at 12:15 and 2:30 and I did not want to have to wait till 2:30 to get back to my car neither did I want to run back.

My legs were tired but felt fine, temps were perfect mid 40s, no snow, I had on tshirt/my bright blue nike just do it capri/arm warmers. Well, I decided to go for broke and see how my legs will respond, I wasn't going to beat the train since I have to run 7min/mile and that wasn't happening. We took off at 11:01 since I was in the 3rd wave for the 6.6miles run and everything came together, I felt great not even a twinge of pain, really wish all races/runs will be like this 9:46, 9:39, 9:28, 9:21,9:04, 9:09, 8:45 finish 93/250, this was capped at 250 due to us being on the towpath which already had lots of biking/running/walking traffic already.

Sunday drove down to Columbus to spend the day with my son, after church we went looking for a place to eat and after finding most brunch places sold out finally found a seat at a Hilton, was too hungry to argue about the $45 per person price tag, did eat my money's worth but the best part was the dessert table, when I went to look oh they were all so good, mentioned it to the lady keeping things filled, she proceeded to get a nice big oval place and cut me a piece of everything, it was like Christmas morning for a 5 year old and I was grinning like a fool anticipating the sugar rush, that plate alone was worth the $45, not sure what everything was even thou she told, everything melt in my mouth and was heavenly. This was my only meal for the day didn't want anything to spoil the taste in my mouth. I did do a quick 30mins cyclo HIT workout before we got on the way.

Spend Monday in Oxford OH, since we have narrowed the college down to 2, they had a special program for accepted kids so we went down to check things out, this was our first time at this college without snow, although we had flurries in the morning. Got in 15mins on a recumbent bike and a 4mins HITT workout using a app on my phone. Michael really like the school so this may be it, we check out choice #2 on the 13th.

Today did trainer road Carson and then Barry Bootcamp Nadia-treadmill section.

I really have to say I am enjoying the treadmill section from Barry's Bootcamp, they are all different but it does always involve incline and sprint. Longest so far has been 30mins, all include really high incline and fast sprint but somehow it seems doable not sure if it because of the normal clubbers in front of me doing it, they don't look like elite runners just like normal people trying to get in shape.

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