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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TR:Carillon + RKS

Started week 5 of the Trainer Road Intermediate Workout today, on the schedule Carillon "2 sets of 2x10min Sweet Spot criss-cross intervals where 1min surges are spent out-of-the-saddle; 1min rest between intervals/5min rest between sets of intervals." my speed is getting better at least I am now at the upper end of 14 or low 15 with the heart rate staying low.

For April I picked RKS for strength training and workout 1 was 20mins swing, 30secs ON/45secs OFF, did 10mins -8 rounds and called it a day using 12kg KB

Swim class starts today not really sure am looking forward to it, didn't get in the pool all of last week, oh well

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