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Friday, April 5, 2013


Went to swimming class Wednesday night and it went pretty good, had two high school swimmers as teacher and they did pretty good still a lot to do, I know I just have to be patient and pratice often.

Thursday didn't get a good night sleep so decided to stay in bed later than usual, after the kid left to school, decided to head to the pool to get a workout in. Did 30 mins and felt good, thinking I should limit the use of the until I am more comfortable kicking and moving on my own but need to start practicing hand and breathing.

Today still feeling tired, got in just the bike ride, did the next workout in the training plan which is Tallac "3x15-minute Sweet Spot efforts; 3 minutes of recovery between intervals." struggle to keep cadence above 85rpm

Name           Time       kJ/Cal    TSS    Power    Target     HR        Cd
Interval 1     00:02:00    19          2        160       164        97         102
Interval 2     00:15:00   147        20        163      166       138          78
Interval 3     00:15:00   142        19        158      165       139          83
Interval 4     00:15:00   144        19        160      165       140          84

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