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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Testing Endurance- 8 days

Between life and Aunt Flo haven't been in the pool since thursday.

With the 24hr race coming up fast, I needed to get an endurance sequence going, I know running is going to be hard on my body for recovery so decided to give biking a try.

Goal: In a 8 days period go up/down a pyramid twice, only water during training and no recovery drink during training period. Maintain speed/power as much as possible. No naps , stay active beween training. Keep working out when tired but not through pain. Initial was planning 5 days but since I am biking and not running decided to try for 8 days.

Functional Threshold Power, or FTP is the maximum average power you can hold for one hour, higher is better. MY FTP = 182 from last test

Normalized Power or NP gives you an average power number if you would have ridden at a constant power output.

Training Stress Score or TSS is the amount of training stress generated from a workout. The higher this number the more potential fitness you earned from a workout.

TR = Trainer Road  SP = Spinerval

Day 1: Friday: TR: Tallac-60mins, NP=152 , TSS=69 Avg Speed=14.9

Day 2: Saturday: TR: Tioga-90mins, NP=152, TSS=106 Avg Spd = 14.0

Day 3:Sunday: TR: Clark-90mins, NP=152, TSS=105 Avg Spd = 14.9
                       1 mile all out run = 8:16 pace
                       TR: Goddard-60mins NP=141, TSS = 60, Avg Spd= 14.2

Day 4:Monday: SP Zoot Challenge-42mins, Problem recording on TR, avg speed = 14.7
                         1 mile all out run = 8:57 pace
                          RKS Wrkt #2 = 17 mins

Day 5: Tuesday: SP Sprinting Machine-60mins (made it that) did 1 plyo jump and stayed on bike for rest. Power stop recording 1/2 way what I got for the 30mins NP=134, TSS=55 Avg Spd for total = 13.6 way too much recovery between reps but boy did I need every bit of it.
1 mile bike ride Outside
45 mins walk with DH

Day 5: Wednesday: Ride Fit Warrior-34mins, 1st time doing ride fit and really like it.
                               RKS Wrkt 3 - 28 mins 8kg and 12kg KB

How do I feel - OK, but my immune system is compromised already picked up sore throat and cough so taking vitamin C, slight fatigue and aches but no knee, ankle or IT band pain.

Why am I doing it - Who knows, seem like fun

Hardest Day so far - Saturday, between work and life I couldn't get a workout in until after 9pm and I was already bone tired and just wanted to go to bed.

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