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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Athens Half Marathon - Athens OH

Down in Athens with son#2 for a second look at Ohio University, since he was accepted there and he still hasn't picked a college yet. The university put on a very great program called cultural connection, giving us a chance to see and experence what they have to offer. We got there bright and early Saturay mornign after spendign the night in Columbus, son#1 had an award ceremony Friday night that we went to. After the mornign session, we were shuttle back the Univeristy inn which was also complement of the University for some rest and to change for dinner, I decided this was a good time to end into the city to register for the HM.

Drove down to the Hampton Inn, I think the whole thing took less that 10mins and for a 23yr old race there really is no expo, just pickup up packet and go. Met Tony who is an ultra runner and will be doing the Forget the PR ultra on the 27th of April.

Sunday skipping breakfast which was all I was goign to be missing in the OU program, since this is an out and back with a start and finish in 2 different locations, I decided t park the car at the finish and walk to the start, funning enough for a city with incredible amount of hills, severe grade, this race was very very very flat and boy did I hate it, all on the flat bike path.

Very  well organized, great volunteers but limited spectators due to location Wasn't quite sure what to expect since I didn't get into bed until 11:30pm and my son's allegy kicked up big time with all the cherry blossom so he was tossing and sneezing but fast asleep unlike me.

I have to say that all that cycling base building of 3x10, 5x8... actually help with focus when doing a race, just like I have learn on the bike keeping the effort the same should acheive the same power it works for running too. I didn't get a PR but I wasn't pushing for one either since I was running by feel, well aware that I haven't ran past 6 miles since the 25K race, actually after looking at my log, I haven't really done that much running, oops.

My PR is 1:59:xx (2009) I ran this race in 2:03:xx this is my 3rd fastest HM, done 11 so far. Quad problem at mile 10, expected due to flat course, even took a bathroom break so I can run up a slight incline, quads and ankle are sore, didn't do a good job with recovery just enough time to get back to the hotel shower and get on the road. Very dissapointed in the medal.

Next 2 weeks is just tapering and healing the body to get ready for the 24hour race, goal is 100k -100miles but not sure if I care enough, may end up socializing more than running.

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