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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The legs are still not 100% from the race on Sunday and with the event in Boston still heavy on my heart I really just needed a very good workout, to celebrate living. Picked trainer road Ebbetts, just perfect to get the heartrate spiked with those anaerobic jumps.

4x8min intervals @ 88-94% (Sweet Spot) with 5-second Anaerobic Capacity (AC) tags at 150-180%. 4-minute recoveries separate sets.

This was just perfect, sweaty mess when done but just what the body and mind needed, not perfect since the legs are still fatigue.

After the ride, moved on to RKS workout #6, this was a circuit 40secs ON/20secs OFF, 1 min rest between circuit, using 12kg KB. Repeat 3x
2 hand swing
1 hand press, L for 20sec/R for 20sec
side to side lunges with KB
1 hand row 5/side keep changing till time
Started PIYO #7 did the warmup but decided to fo swimming instead, got in 20mins of swimming before heading to work.
Still can't wrap my mind around what happended at the Boston Marathon, so senseless and the loss of life just makes it more painfully. Running is just such a beautiful/peacefull sport and to be tainted by this evil just seem unreal.  #prayfor boston

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