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Thursday, April 18, 2013


With Beacon this morning that complete the Trainer Road Intermediate base 1 Program, so in total for this plan did 18 workouts, am planning on going on to Intermediate Base 2. Am not 100% sure what my cycling plan is for the year except to get better at it both indoor and outdoor, also learn to proper change tires and do simple maintenace. Still need to get it out to practice clipping in and out and schedule a bike fit.

TR:Beacon although all I think about is bacon

6x8-minute Steady State repeats with 4-minute recoveries. Work intervals are spent very close to FTP/FTHR without exceeding it. Cadence should be in the 85-95rpm range


Still quite a bit of residual fatigue in the legs from the HM, I guess it has been a while since I really pushed in a race for that long, hard time maintaing power as you can see in the graph. Stayed on the small ring for all the workout and didn't quite make the cadence range for all the interavls 80-89.

Continuing on with RKS, did workout 7 today basically half way into the program not sure am going to get through the 15 workouts this month, so will finish up in May before starting Athlean XX.

Squat/Press + 1 legged Deadlift ladder - 10mins 12kgKB - Got in 7 rounds
1 min rest
30sec tactical lunges +30sec swing+30sec rest, 5x-12Kg KB
1 min rest
30sec Russian twist+30sec plank+30sec rest, 3x 12kg KB
1 min rest
Cool down

Went to swim lesson last night and stayed an extra 30mins, I love being in the water and so determineto get the whole swimming thing, went into the deal end for the first time yesterday, just will need to learn to et go and relax. Did not attempt the diving, baby step. My whole focus will just be gettinghe kicks down, so confuse and how it is suppose to go but I know eventually it will click. I love teh Twinsburg pool and not crazy about the Solon one not much room for laps/adults.

Still going through the why for Boston, just still having a difficult time with that.

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