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Monday, March 25, 2013

TR: Eclipse

Sunday - Woke up in a whole world of pain but it was expected, went to a free 1 hour yoga class and that helped alot, right ankle still not very happy. I really need to find someone to really address the issue with the right foot
Today - some lingering pain but felt better, may wait until later in the week to run to give the ankle a rest, but Coach Troy had 90mins ride on the schedule so I went ahead and did trainer road Eclipse which is 3x20mins in sweet spot, I was about 10watts off per segment on the target which I thought wasn't too bad considering, then finish off with 20mins in the pool, being in the water felt great so glad I didn't blow this off.

In the pool today, decided to swim with 1 fin ON and it was interesting to find that I can swim across still harder than with both fins on when the fin was on my right but had a really hard time swimming when I had it on my left. Not quite sure what it means but I think I will try to do the one legged drill more often should help.

Ordered the Total Immersion DVD off of ACTIVE gearup since they are on sale there, found one of the books at Hlafprice books on Saturday.

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