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Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Review: Tough Love

Did Tough Love on Saturday since I couldn't get any run in, had to wake up early to get Son#2 to a Jazz Festival, poor kid was so jazzed out when he came back, you can imagine the torture to a teenage kid on a Saturday to play/listen and discuss Jazz from 9am to 9pm. Back to Tough Love, watched 2 movies on my laptop (netflix) while TL was playing on the TV and I think it went so much better. In trainer road most of my TSS(Training Stress Score or TSS is the amount of training stress generated from a workout. The higher this number the more potential fitness you earned from a workout) for the other workouts I have been around 60-80 with a max of 117(1st 2 hours of HC100), TL clocked in with a TSS of 178. Actually ended up riding 3:12 since TR lost signal and I didn't know and I wanted a complete 3hr graph. Felt really good after this ride, got in S90 Ultimate Ball (30mins) before hitting the showers and going out to dinner with hubby. Splurge on french fries needed something salty.
Sunday went out for the St Patty's Day Fat A$$ which was a 25k or 50K, did about 10miles trail run and called it a day, it was cold and I already went through 3 water crossings that I still need to go back across. My legs actually felt better than expected, got back home, shower and took a 3 hr nap.

Great weekend

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