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Friday, March 15, 2013

SP 11.0 - Uphill Grind

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes, woke up today feeling great and on the schedule was another bike/run/strength combo.

Started off with a 30mins fast leg spin (small ring/15) so as to finish watching "Raven", I needed 90mins ride since I swap the 60 for the 90 today and still do SP11.0. Ended up with 7.22 miles with a cadence of 91rpm with an average HR of 144.

Next was Spinerval 11.0-Unphill Grind, this is 55 mins but I did ride for 60 mins especially since I had Trainer Road Free 60mins hooked up. Love Uphill Grind, hard workout but time flies by, 1 legged drill, seat/stand, fast spin all on a big ring/12, quads were screaming but the legs felt great. Ended up with a 5,10, 20 and 30 second personal best times according to TR. Average bike cadence was 64 with a HR of 132, max of 155 for 15.15miles.

The legs felt much better getting off the bike and into a run today, much smoother brick, got in a great 5k run in 29:25, HR average was 149 with a max of 179. I think I was bonging a bit, probably need to consume something because it felt like time was moving very very slow.

Finished off today's workout with Supreme 90: Chest and Back went a bit heavier this time around and decrease the reps to 8 instead  of 12 for most of them.

Great workout, need to pay attention to nutrition since this are pretty long workouts but I do feel fine during most of it and recvoery has been great. Some pain in the right ITB and foot so time for to schedule a massage.

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