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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Feeling much better today, I guess I realized I can't do anything about the weather decided to take it as it is and not let it control my mood, life goes on.

Felt great getting out of bed, although did linger there 30mins longer than usual, got ready to tackle the workout of the dayand the weather shows sunshine even though it is still only going to be 30 degrees. Another triple workout day on the schedule.

Trainer Road Monitor was next on the Intermediate plan and it is described as "6x6-minute intervals of Sweet Spot riding to address aerobic fitness, well over a half-hour in total with 2-minute recoveries between intervals. Fast pedaling drills are incorporated into intervals 2-6 in order to target pedal economy and to shift some stress off the muscles with a quick, healthy cadence."  IF= 0.81

Name               Time        TSS   NP   Power        HR    Cadence
Workout          01:00:00    65   146      136         133        85
Clearing 1        00:02:00    2     153      157         128        93
Sweet Spot 1  00:06:00     7     156      158         140        93
Sweet Spot 2   00:06:00    8     160      162         146        94
Sweet Spot 3   00:06:00    8     159      160         143        94
Sweet Spot 4   00:06:00    8     161      163         143        95
Sweet Spot 5   00:06:00    8     161      162         141        95
Sweet Spot 6   00:06:00    8     162      164         141        95

Next up
Itread 14 "This 45-minute workout is a challenge in itself. Grace guides you through an endurance run incorporating a run recovery rate of a 6:1 ratio. This ratio will include running, jogging and walking for 6 minutes followed by a 1-minute recovery. The twist to this workout is that the 1- minute recovery is a challenge. The recovery might be a steep hill, fast power walk, or just a plain surprise. This workout is a great way to shake up your routine and shock your body." I love the itread workouts, even when I am not in the mood I will always do the workout, love the music and the instruction, the warmups are generally short but I am normally okay with that, ended up with 4.73miles Avg HR = 163 with a max of 183.

Then finish things off with Supreme 90 Legs (22:14 + 5:57 of Cooldown), love this workout, really great leg routine and I love that it thoroughly work my hamstring.

Planning on a 25K FatA$$ this weekend I think, suppose to snow Saturday and that may be a game changer, no suffering for a FA.

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