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Monday, March 18, 2013

Cyclo Hit Series 4 #10 Z5 Power Drop

Cyclo Hit 30 Series 4 Zone 5 Power drop (30mins) this was actaully fun, it is 4 x 5mins-stay in zone 4 for the 1st 4 mins just below threshold and then for the last minute spin really fast to get into zone 5 but then with no recovery you go back to zone 4 and start the 4 mins all over again. Really neat to watch in trainer road especially the heartrate then S90:Tabata Inferno + 15 mins of yoga.

I swam across the pool today, multiple times, ok still not breathing or using hand but I decided to just take them out and work on just getting across. All I can say is that my hips are sore, I will work to at least get the legs going properly because it really took everything in me not to stop in my usual spot then maybe add breathing next. Signed up for a swimming class in twinsburg starting 4/3.

I think training is so much fun when there is no pressure to meet any time goal or even compete, this is probably the best I have felt in a long time but I do miss competing so races coming up soon.

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