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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Threshold Test / Sufferfest

Woke up later than usual today since hubby and I were talking about our future, looks like we both agree we need to move to a warmer location. Since I am back to running  which is what is schedule for tomorrow, I had to move the Spinerval 27 Threshold test to today. I decided to not working about the speed and just focus on the cadence, this is a hard workout, because once you burn out the legs, you proceed to hold a hard cadence for 20mins, yep 20mins, my goal was to keep cadence above 70 riding in big chain/15. The only mishap is knocking my glasses off at 8mins in and since I didn't want to stop had to go in a drop and squirt to the the Garmin # attached to bike. It felt awesome and I got it done, oh what a feeling.

Day 2 of Xfactor ST Week 3 today, stick a good kick in the pants, but much better than day 1, weight is coming off slowly but I feel better and eating not as bad as normally when working out this hard.

After work and dinner for the family, headed to the rec center and got in 39mins of swimming, well this is going to require a lot of patience, but I am feeling much better about being in the water.

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