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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Run Bike Lift

Really great workout today, felt great and everything just fell into place, just love it when that happen.

Started off the day with Carmichael's just right cycling DVD this was a freebie and I absolutely love, it is a short workout at only 30mins but it packs a punch. Since I needed a thorough warmup before doing the speed work this was just perfect

Then on to Runerval 7.0, Workout C, I really doubt if I can run this pace with Coach Troy's encouragement, something about the music beat and him know what to say when am ready to give just make this workout work. Couldn't believe I ran 9mph @4% it was freaking awesome. :)
6 mins warmup
4x30sec@9mph/2%incline: 90sec recovery @5mph
4x1min@8mph/2% incline: 1 min recovery @4mph
2x30sec@9mph/4%incline: 90sec recovery@4mph
5mins cooldown

For strength today, tried out the Ugi Upper Body(15 mins) since I skipped it yesterday, well that was a mistake since my shoulder was still very sore for yesterday's Xfactor. So decision leave Ugi alone and just focus on Xfactor.

Did the ugi stretch but not sure about it yet but love the final sequence.

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