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Monday, January 7, 2013

1st Spinerval of the Year

Well, with the looming back to workout on Monday after 2 weeks off I went into a funk on Sunday and veggie out in front of the TV, didn't do any damage with food and drink just didn't feel like moving.

With such an unproductive Sunday, was really amaze that the body was ready to roll come Monday, woke up without the alarm but of course wasted time trying to did out all the techno stuff from the backpack from traveling. Finally got started almost 15mins later and did Spinerval 16.0 Aerobic Base Builder I with Coach Troy. Coach is really not everyone's cup of tea, am not even a cyclist but love his workout enough to invest in a bike trainer and new road bike.

After the bike trainer torture, started on Week 3 of Xfactor ST, wow that kicked my but. Any workout that you start of doing mountain climbers and I can honestly say that was one of the easiest moves in the workout kick butt.

Still no focus for the year, do I want to do short and fast or Long and Slow, then where those the cycling fit, right now just staying fit and trying out new things/challenges.

Making an appointment for acupuncture to help with the pain on my right foot. Discovered over the weekend that wearing shoes even the house help with the pain, I do  not have PF but not sure what it is either, pain is at the side and ankle xray shows nothing, may have to spring for that $1000 MRI. Oh the joys of running.

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