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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend+ Recap

Beautiful weekend with blue sky, really unexpected for November in Ohio but will take it any day. Met up at 10am with the Foget the PR training group, this is so much easier and better to get to love that I don't have to leave the house so early in the morning due to group run starting at 7am but it does make for a longer day. This is my second run with them and I really enjoy it, most of the runners are not too speedy so always someone to run. I decided to run with Rick today even though he is faster than me, so easy to get suck into taking everything easy and not keeping a good pace. The run was a bit of a challenge in good weather this section of the trail Boston Store to Jaite is very challenging but then throw in some mud, fallen trees and completely leaf covered trail and it makes for a very interesting challenging run. Got thru the run without any face plant, although had a couple close calls seem like my core workout is paying off. Gave out some Cliff bars after the run while we waited around for the rest of the runners to come in, just the perfect size to tight you over.

After the run, went over to see the Bill Bad A$$ runners, since there are a couple of runners doing their first ultra, got a chance to see a lot of runners, every one look strong and happy.

Sunday did Yogamazing:yoga for runners really working on making sure I get at least one quality yoga session in week, that was so needed.

Monday: Coach Troy called for easy, so did Spinerval 16.0 ABB1 and since I had the day off from work did Jari Love Slim and Lean, having some serious chest and back DOMS. Based on it being another beautiful day here, spend the rest of the day outside doing yardwork and getting vitamin D.

Today: Another easy zone 2-3 workout so did Robert Sherman Cycle Challenge, not really an easy spin but short. The cyclign part is 45mins follow by 49mins of strength and stretch. I added on the 35mins o cycling needed to make up the hour 20mins coach called for by doing various workout off youtube.

Saturday I think I step on a branch or stump wrong so my right foot was a bit tender, massage, ice and tape up and will forgo running till thursday.

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