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Monday, November 26, 2012

Back From vacation

Took a trip to Miami for Thanksgiving, just a chance to recharge so decided really not to do any running while there but did get in a workout on the summit trainer + some weights on thanksgiving day, a Skimble workout Saturday morning then lots of walking around the city including a trip to vizcaya.

After all the eating and drinking over the holiday, I really wanted to get back to a normal routine so as not to start the holiday slump. I am still working on the spinerval challenge and really loving it, did Aero base Builder 16.0 today since that is the only ABB that I have and ABB was on the schedule, this is taper week while we get ready for phase 2. After ABB did workout 2 of the Monenegro Power 10 DVD.

Still working on getting a new bike, then will probably have to go ahead and get shoe since I think I need something stiffer than what am wearing now.

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