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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On the schedule was ABB again since this is taper week but I needed a challenge to blast the holiday slump so decided to do Carmichael getting started cycling DVD great hill and speed intervals and since I was quite warm added on Runerval 7.0 workout A which is basically 10x30sec On/90secs off shooting for 90% of max. 8mph is not a # I reached for too often on my treadmill but decided to start at that, at the end of the first one realized I can faster so moved it up to 9mph and that felt just right, I was begining to lose my form when the 30secs is up so did the rest at the 9mph pace. I am so excited to be able to maintain the 9mph (no holding on to treadmill) since just last year 7mph was a change for me to run at even for 10secs. Added on Montenegro Power #3 to finish things off.

This was really a confidence booster, the scale is not moving but I can see defination in my body and that makes me happy.

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