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Friday, November 16, 2012

Walking Intervals

Part of the off season training is to add walking back into the mix, and I really mean walking not slow jogging, learning to extend the stride and use the walking muscles. Struggle getting out of bed today, it was just so nice and cozy, even thou I was awake before the alarm went off, so the plan was 45mins walking + 30 mins weights, so went to the basement, strap on the 10# weight vest and off I went on the treadmill. Walking for me is more mental than anything else because am telling myself I should done x many miles by now but I am realizing that when I do the longer races and have to walk I need to be able to keep a good pace especially up hills.

To help get things done properly, I decide to use Itread Walking intervals 21, I follow level 3 settings so pace ranged from 4.0 - 4.8mph and incline from 2% to 10%, going up the 10% incline @ 4.3mph was tough, since this was only 35mins added on Itread walking 18b so ended up walking for 50mins instaed but I was really enjoying and getting a great workout, average heartrate was 137.

I love how this week has gone so far with my training, I seem to have refocus and doing more fun stuff but actually harder but more structure and balance . The eating is still a struggle but I think I am slowly getting it under control, need to tackle the holidays but I think I am ready.

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Anonymous said...

Walking intervals make a big difference. I plan on using them at my next marathon.