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Thursday, November 15, 2012


On the schedule for today was intervals and with a limited collection, although I have a feeling that it will be growing soon since I am loving the workouts, I decided to do Spinerval 3.0 Suffer-o-rama. From the website "Spinervals 3.0 - Suffer-o-Rama, will teach you how to suffer on the bike with 45 minutes of explosive power sprints and highly anaerobic sets. Brutal, but soooo effective! " how do you not want to do this at 4:30am in the morning :) This was hard but time flew by fast, I was amaze that I was able to get my heartrate to 145bpm during one of sprints, legs were burning and sweat was pouring. With Warmup and cooldown this clock in at 53mins.

When I looked at my training schedule on training peaks, Coach had training time as 1.5hours but I didn't check the time of the picked DVDs which were only 60mins, so I added on Ultra Condition 2.0 Core Builder since I had core workout on my schedule to do. UC 2.0 has a lot more 1 legged drills which were hard after Suffer-O-Rama but we got lots of break sort off, hoping of the bike to do core work on the stability ball.

My eating is still not where I want it to be and neither is my weight, I hate when you tell someone you are a runner or athlete and they give you the "really" look. I guess I can't keep talking about it, I have to do something about, I know exactly what to do but boy do I love food and not junk food either, just food.

I am really loving the Training Peaks phone apps, it is making it easy for me to log my workout, metrics and food. Having the Super 6 workout has also make getting back into a rigorous training program easy, knowing I have a long workout the next day, am back to goign to bed at a resonable time and getting up when the alarm goes off instead of snoozing it. Doing 30mins when the schedule calls for 90mins is not going to work.

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