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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cross Training

I use Runerval with Coach Troy and really like it even thou he does have a weird sense of humor, so when I started thinking of cross training to complement my running I kind of gravitate towards Coach and his Spinervals, when I check on facebook he actually had a Challenge going and this is great since I can download straight into training peak. The challenge is called Spinerval Super 6, coach did have a special on the kinetic Kurt Trainer with 10 DVDs actually came to 12 DVDs when you add the 101 and the free one that came with the trainer .

The plan is to run 3 days a week and cycle 3, then add on strength and yoga, started this official on Monday and just going to join the program where they are, not starting from the beginning, downloaded the program and I love the training peak phone app made it easy to update metrics. My running training starts back up Dec 3 so right now keeping weekly runs to 3.1miles and long runs to whatever the group is doing.

Monday -
Run - Cardio Coach 1b- 3.1 miles
Strength - Oxygen Superset Workout
Abs - 2 min Plank

Cycle - Spinerval 16.0 Aerobic base Builder - 80mins this is the longer I have ever been on a bike, but I really have to say the time by so far, coach really does a good job keeping things moving.
Strength - Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster Lower Body

Run - Itread 9 - 3.1miles
Strength - Cathe Superset

So far so good need to make some adjustment to my bike and I also order a bike computer for cadence and mileage. But really do need a new bike

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On the Right Track said...

ahh...bikes are so expensive right? But a good bike does make a difference... Keep up the great work...I should be so motivated ;)