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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Been MIA

It had  been a crazy couple of weeks, after I decided during the taper for the Akron Marathon to go for Gold Maniac status, I needed to then figure out how to get it done without injury and some level of  fun, considering Akron was my 6th marathon and I am not really a road runner.

After meeting my goal of breaking 4:30 in Akron, I was relaxed with running the rest of the 3 marathons but still set a goal of under 5 hours. Towpath Marathon was 1 week after Akron and it went well, the towpath is really not my favorite place to run, hate those little limestone pebbles they always get in my shoes. the race was well organized but boy was it cold and we got some light rain towards the end. Recovery between Akron and Towpath was great, started the race with no issue at all.

Next up was Columbus, so I had 2 weeks in between and this was hard because I was recovered within 24 hours and really wanted to race the weekend inbetween but hubby was gettin gread to go out of town so decided to let it be. Drove to Columbus Saturday late, got in town just in time to pickup the race packet at the expo, pickup my oldest for dinner then drop both kids off at OSU where my youngest will be stating with his brother, then headed to the hotel which was about 20mins from the race start. Got to the race start the next morniing about 1 hour before strat, parking was no issue. Race went great wasn't crazy about going to the football stadium, after the race, had a hard time finding my car, picked up kids went for breakfast and it was time to make the 2 hour drive back home. The drive went better than expected didn't even have to stop to stretch out my legs.

After Columbus, the Inland Trail Marathon was next, even thou this has trail in it's name it is actually an out and back all on a bike path. A friend that was suppose to run NY was there and she asked if I can pace her to under 5 hours since that was what I was shooting for I agreed, things went great until mile 16 when she had problems with her leg and running became difficult, there was no way I was leaving her behind since well she wasn't quitting and well I just couldn't so guess what we walked the next 10miles, this is my longest marathon on record 6+ hours.
So with all marathons complete, it means I am officially a Marathon Maniac #6098 and yes did achieve Gold. I am amaze at what my body can do and what it is really capable of doing if I am willing to properly train and challenge myself.

Akron Marathon 9/29/12  - 4:29:36

Towpath Marathon 10/7/12 - 4:53:58

Columbus Marathon 10/21/12 - 4:46:19

Inland Trail Marathon 11/4/12 - 6:38:12

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