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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quieting the noise

Great workout today, although I had to really quiet the brain/mind and just trust the leg to get it done. Looking at the schedule it calls for 5x(5mins@5k pace/3mins mailto:recovery@maintenace pace) the brain's first reaction was that yep that is going to hurt do you really want to do this, I did briefly considered changing it to 3mins @ 5k with 90secs recovery but decided to keep as is and adjust the pace if I am struggling. Entering the info into Garmin for a workout interval, off I went to the basement to get the workout in, even though this is one of my longest running stretch without a rest day I felt fine but did notice some tightness in shin and ITB, the only change I made was instead of running the whole 3 mins at maintenance pace I rolled into it just to give my body enough time to recover before moving on to the next interval, felt it was more important to nail the 5k.

Goal: 8:36

Recovery was 11:18 - 14:14 even though I was suppose to be at 10:00

Added on Upper & Lower body Prevention 2 week turnaround program been doing this for about 2 weeks now not really for the weight loss, but I love that the strength workout are done mainly standing on one leg and this is helping with the imbalance on my right foot can now, feel much better so going to continue for 2 more weeks.


On the Right Track said...

You really sound like your gettin at it!!! Nice! I am curious what the prevention progaram is...i will check it out.

glad to hear your foot is feeling better...and just so you know, i too actually LovE the treadmill...especially in the winter when i am way too cold to run outside ;)

On the Right Track said...

Thanks for the visit and supportive words...I really appreciate it!!!

trying to follow you...but can't figure it I missing something?