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Monday, July 2, 2012

Treadmill Love

I know most people hate the treadmill, calling it dreadmill or hamster wheel regardless I love mine, and on days like today when I am tired and do not feel like getting in the required mileage I can always convince myself to get on treadmill. Got on it, thinking I was only going to do 3 just to zap the zero but ended up getting in the required 7 miles at a 9:59 pace. Based on the fact that I have pushed myself a bit the previous week was really happy that the legs felt fine.

I have really been working hard on improving the imbalance on my right leg, yes quite aware of it since I can stand on my left leg till the cows come on home but can barely last 10 seconds on my right, so a lot of my strength training the last couple of weeks has been done 1 legged and I am beginning to be able to do move with mt right leg off the floor, the goal is to continue this through the month of July.

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