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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back on Track

After a long holiday weekend with visit from my in-laws, 11 guest altogether who all stayed at my house, which included lots of food and late nights even though I was able to sneak in some runs, it was nice to get back to a normal routine. I had a great time with them and always love seeing them so it was a small price to pay.

Monday was hard, even though awake couldn't roll out of bed, my body just wasn't moving so laid there dreaming of running, then of course it was time to get up and get ready for work. Had a hard time at work was really just fatigue, got back home and attempted to do my scheduled 7 miler and try as I might it just wasn't happening and after 3 of the longest miles of my life called it a day and did the Upper/Lower Body of the Prevention Turnaround DVD and 6 mins of Tai Chi. Glad that is over time for bed.

Tuesday, oh boy whay a difference 24 hours make, I woke up more energetic, schedule called for 20*200meters @ 1500m pace with 200meters recovery. Can I really do that after how I felt yesterday, one way to find out, off to the basement , program the Garmin and it was time to start I felt great and was able to get all the intervals in, 9 miles later felt like a million buck and added in the Total Body plus Core workout. After work, I dropped my son off at Drivers Ed and with the perfect weather and being close to a runnable trail with running gear in car decided to sneak in a quick run and was able to get in 4 miles of pure bliss before heading home.

Bringing us to today, wasn't sure how I was going to feel based on the double run and the restless night, my hubby always thing if he can't sleep that means I can't sleep too when I was perfectly fine asleep. Oh well, instead of getting out of bed at 4:30am sleep till 5:45 then rolled out and got dress since it was later than usual, decided to run outside instead. It was a great morning, I had 7 on my schedule but knew I was running late and was not going to get that in, lots of runners and walkers out and I was able to get in 6.5miles before having to call it a day, hopefully can get in a strength workout after work.

Racing wise next on the agenda is one of my favorite race Kathleen Neitert Race For Hope 7.5 Mile / 5k on August 5 then I have a 50k on August 25. What I haven't decided about is if it is wise to do a 12hour run a week before the Akron Marathon. Akron is not really a goal race just doing it because this is their 10yr anniversary and I wanted a 10 year bling so I can go out as slow as I want and it was already paid for before the 12 hour run was added as an option to this race. Decisions Decisions

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