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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well, the strength workout didn't happen last night, after dinner and a glass of wine, I was out by 7pm, I did wake up briefly at 9:30pm when my sister-in-law called and did consider working out but I think my body needed the rest more so when right back to sleep.

Sleep like a log but still snooze the alarm so as usual was running late when I decided to get the workout in, today was 4x1600meter @ threshold pace with 1min recovery since I was running late had to cut the warmup and cool down short, should have ran about 7 miles but ended up with 6.5miles.

For the 1 min recovery I decided to walk, it is amazing how short 1min is, threshold pace according to the schedule right now is 6.4mph/9:24 but I had my old schedule with me and was shooting for 6.3

Mile 1:  9:33/6.3
Mile 2: 9:31/6.3
Mile 3: 9:26/6.4
Mile 4: 9:21/6.4        so  not too bad but the funny part of all this was that my cool down mile was done an 8:57/6.7 pace, guess I need to work on my definition of CD. I really hope I am beginning to build some great leg strength, so did skip the strength workout again this am so will have to do after work, no wine this time around or not until after the workout anyway.

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