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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cleveland Police 3Mile Chase and Marine Corp PFT

For my birthday run this year, I decided to do the Cleveland Police 3M Chase instead of the Color Run, not everyday that you have the Marine Corp and the Police force to run with, show your support for and also to thank them for their service. I had a great time, since this was a chase I felt it was appropriate for me to wear my mustard yellow princess running skirt figure out the Marine corp and police force recruits need someone to chase and who better than a chick in a skirt.
The race started on time after a beautiful rendition of the national Anthem by one of the police officer his voice was incredible and then some marine stuff and then we were off. Since I have a half marathon tomorrow I debated about raising this but then heck I had on a skirt and then the skirt comment started like I knew they would so let the chase begin, I had a blast, one guy claimed he had cramps, one had to puke, another one needed water I yelled and told him this was only 3 miles how can he need water, only 1 guy kept up with me and passed me at the end but he worked for it. What a way to spend turning 45, hah the best is yet to come. On to Canton lets see what this body of mine can do.
The Marine Corp Physical Fitness Test was fun, did a 45sec hang and 2 mins of crunches well didn't get a perfect score but did awesome, spent the rest of the day celebrating with the Marines for Marine week.

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Kathy said...

I love races that support our local law enforcement and troop! How fun - you look great.
How was the half?