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Monday, June 4, 2012

First Weekend in June, jam packed

Saturday When trail running with a group of wonderful women that got outside their comfort zone and tried trail running for the first time, it was such a joy experience the trails through their eyes. They were all so use to running with music that I recommended they one without it in the woods since there was so much to hear between the different kinds of birds and the flow of the Chagrin River, what a joy. Black Girl Run Cleveland Group.

Before the run
After the Run, as you can see they are still smiling
After getting 4 miles in with them , drove down to the other side of the South Chagrin Reservation and got in 5 more miles before going home showering and heading out to help out at the Twinsburg Duathlon Expo worked the bike swap, sold 3 bikes before having to leave shower and change and head out to a graduation party was up till 1am

Next day, got up at 5:30am to get to the Duathlon site, first duty was helping with trasition and then I worked the finish line, really had a great time, we decided to have the tape up for many people as possible to break so as to have a great photo finish.

Got back home around 11am and was extremely tired so took a very long nap, felt great.


misszippy said...

Good for you! Trail running is my favorite, especially when there's a good group to go with.

I grew up in Ravenna and still have family back in your area, so I know where you are talking about!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Kathy said...

Definitely leave the tunes behind on a trail run - it is SOOO much better! What a fabulous group!

keyalus said...

I love that you got your BGR group to hit the trails! I've often wanted to spearhead a trail group for BGR Atlanta. I would love to get some more color out on the trails and into our local ultra scene too. There are a few of us out there but not enough IMO. My husband's schedule, childcare and trying to maintain my own training make my goal a bit impossible for me now. However your picture encourages me to try to figure something out. :)