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Monday, May 14, 2012

Garfield Heights Unites 5K

I got a carrot dangled in front of me by Active Schwaggle and I guess I took a bite, on Wednesday got an email from Active about a local 5k for only $10.40 dropped from $26. the last time I did a 5k was summer of 2010, I find them painful, I am not 100% from the 100k, I have been training for endurance not speed and the 4-5hours of moving mulch and weeding by gardens is beginning to wear on me but then I couldn't think of a single reason not to do the race.
Friday Night was spending sampling Belgian Ale at Lizardville, definitely not the best way to start but already had date night plan with hubby and it seems pointless to change that now, woke up Saturday not worst for wear thankfully it was a 9am start so plenty of time to sleep in and get coffee down. Hubby decided to come with me to the race, that was a surprise since in most cases we really do not talk about my running. We got to registration site and I noticed that Hubby was actually dressed to run and I asked if he wanted to run and he said no he had no money so I wrote a check for him to run, he didn;t say he didn't want to run, oh well.

Lots of high school track kids and a family of runners, my legs were tired from the weeding and mulching so not quite sure what they were going to do, race started great, then I noticed the hills wow this is a 5k, can't work the hills, the race was at least 40%, what a challenge and I also realized in a 5k you really can't stop for too long or walk how painful luckily by the time my body figure out this was a 5k, it was over and I found out I came in 2nd female the joy of small races. Hubby wanted to leave before the award ceremony, told him I wasn't going anywhere without my award not sure when that was going to happen again. Kind of find it interesting that 1st female is 29 yrs old, am 45 and 3rd is 28, forty is fabulous and we rule. Love my aspaeris short

Had some Clif bar at the registration table and I think the builder bar Chocolate Mint is still everyone's favorite.
Got bark home to continue working in the yard.


Kathy said...

Yaaay!!! Great job. I handle endurance and distance far better than a quick 5K. Sure need to work on that!

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Wow way to place! And show 'em that age is just a number. ( ;