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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cleveland Half Marathon

Hot, since this was an experiment of one for a back to back trail then road run normally I run road then trail. It was hot and since I wasn't going for a PR decided not to stress myself out and just enjoy the race so switch to heart rate training with the hope of keeping it under160bpm since I wasn't running fast enough to be higher than that, so many runners passing out and cramping up, they kept the EMS very busy. They change the course again because I do not remember a hill at mile 9 and as usual even with all the multiple emails that was sent out not once was a change in course mention,it is really a shame that for an over 30+ years marathon they still cannot get it right. Leg felt great through out the run no issue whatsoever, not a bad run considering I did a hilly trail 10 miler before it. All in all a good run but I think I maybe done with Cleveland for a while.

Chip Time: 2:08:03
Gun Time: 2:12:52

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