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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garmin Footpod

Had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, at about 1230am the house heating unit started making a funny noise like it had a bad belt and as usual nobody in the house heard it but me so I ended up turning the unit off after messing with it for a while.

I had my workout for the week programmed into my Garmin last night and I was set to go, on Netflix had Appleseed which is one of my son's anime movie (actually pretty good) and I was all wet to go

1.75 mile warmup
2(3x300m/100m recovery)@1500m pace
1.5 Cool down

At about 0.34mile into my run, realize that my pace said 30.25, the treadmill was at 5.5mph, stop the treadmill switch footpod, started things back up, now 25.25 pace so realized the battery was dead must have missed the low battery warming if it gave one. What to do?
Change the program around and go for time so

Run 1.75 miles warmup
2(3x2mins/1min recovery)@1500m pace, it was easier to do 2:1 less thinking on my part.
Run 1.5 mile Cool down
Got in 5 miles in 50:42

For strength training for March am deciding to do Supreme 90, very straight forward program no fuss, and since there was no time better than teh present decided to start the program today instead of waiting for March 1, which means today was Chest and Back and I finish up with the stretch. haven't decided if I am goign to do teh whole 90 days, haven't done that yet always seens to lose focus by day 40, will see what happens this time around. I love the fact that they are short (30 mins or less skipping warmup and cool down stretch) and to the point.
Also for March I joined Run to the Finish Vegan Challenge, that is really going to be a challenge hoping I can at least be 70% compliant if not 100%


Kathy said...

Appleseed has been on the to-watch list for my kids. Does you son like any of the Miyazaki films? I love them as much as they do, not sci-fi but still very, very cool.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, he does, I think he will go for anything anime or asia inspired. I am really enjoying Appleseed, and he wanted me to check for Kiki or Spirited Away next on Netflix which I believe are both Miyazaki films. My boys guide what I watch while on the treadmill except when I find British shows like Downtow Abbey.