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Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb winding down

Beautiful morning for a run a bit windy and some icy patch, met up with Debra and did the run from CVS to Route 43, when we finished we were at 6.66 miles with the time at 6:16am decided it wasn't a good way to start the week so took it up to 7miles finishing at 6:20am yes am superstitious, no pint tempting faith.
I have really enjoyed doing finishers after a run, it is a great way to finish strong and add in a short strength workout, found this gem via Cosgrove email

Mike Whitfield 5x5 abs finisher
jump squats 5
spiderman pushups 5
lunge jumps 5 per side
cross body mountain climber 5 per side
24kg kettlebell swing - 5                           Repeat all 5 times

then added 100 jump rope to finish things off.

Made an appointment today to get my right ankle checked out of course the earliest I can get in is in April, I guess good thing it is not an emergency.

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