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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Run

I meet up with my partner Debra @ 5am to run about 6 miles 3 days a week mainly Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At 4:40am today I got a text from her, I was upstairs still getting dress so I couldn't check it since my phone was downstairs,but eventually looked at it.
Her text " We've got rain this morning. Do u feel like being drenched? Let me know.

When I woke up and saw the rain it never occured to me not to run, it wasn't pouring rain, just a light drizzle but the temperature was at 36 degrees. I figure out if we can run in snowy, icy cold condition a rumble in the rain as long as there is no thunder or lighting was good for the soul. I told her we were running, she already figured out I was going to run.

I consider running in all weather condition part of my training as long as there is no safety issue or concern since I never know what race day is going to be like, I try to get myself prepared for any race condition, the goal is always to run a paid race as long as it is not cancelled and it is safe.

We did a shorten route today so we were getting back to our car in about every 2.3miles, got in 5 miles before it started pouring hard so called it a day at that point since we still do have an afternoon run plan.

Got back home and did Ultimate Ball from Supreme 90 great way to hit the core.


Redhead Running said...

I used to HATE running in the rain and would flat out refuse too, but that was also when I lived in Florida and was the only real condition we had other than hot and miserable. Now that I live in Michigan I don't think twice about rain, but how can you when you trudge through snow and ice. Well done getting out there ladies!!!

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