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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dax Moy -MAP 2012-Half way Review

So yesterday was day 15 of Dax Moy MAP 2012 30 days challenge, so how is it going?

Well, the program is a combination of following Dax Eating and workout plan, we started out with the Elimination diet, you can get your free copy here, the hardest part at the start was given up the coffee and bread, then after 1 week we moved over to the wave which is a low carb/high carb rotation. So far the eating plan has been great, I am having to make veggies the main side instead of potatoes, bread, pasta or rice and even my family is not complaining. It is amazing how we limit our choices just because certain foods are readily available and easier or faster to make but I am finding out that just about everything is easy to make and it just takes planning on my part. Another aspect of this is the consumption of lots water or herbal tea, which was probably why I never had to use the port-o-let during the Houston Marathon despite taking water or Gatorade at almost every stop. Also I discovered a great website which has made meal planning fun and adventurous, the website is Elena's Pantry, check it out.

Now to the workout, this are short to the point and kick my butt but the main reason why I love them is that they are so doable with running, I feel so strong doing the workout, I mean I crank out 4x16 pushups on my toes just this morning when I did the 4x4 matrix and that's not counting the 60 from going up and down the pyramid. I started the program at the beginning of my 2 weeks taper for the Houston Marathon and felt no fatigue or that I was overtraining, actually it helped keep the taper monster at bay.

Result wise I am down a couple of pounds about 5, I knew I wasn't going to drop too much weight just because I was not in 100% complaint since I needed carb for the race, I only consumed mashed potato and bread the day before the race and oatmeal, gel and recovery bar on the day of the race. After the race was back in complaint with steak and vegetables only ohh I guess I have to count the ice cream at the race. My favorite result is the reduction of my love handle (stupid name for a body part) which for some reason during marathon training grew, probably I was in the mindset that I was running this many miles and should be able to eat whatever I want.

All in all love the program and how I am feeling.

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