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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Houston Marathon #5

In a nutshell had a blast did not meet my goal of breaking 4:30 but got closer 4:31:49, felt great until mile 20 didn't really hit the wall just had problem with my left leg and decided to back off the pace to finish happy this was when I let the 4:30 pace group go.

What the runner saw lots of Elvis (not sure why), lots of guys in tutu or skirts (no sure why), lots of beer on the course (Texans were playing later in the day so I guess this was tailgating marathon style) lots of music and cultural performance and Bush Sr at mile 19.

The city really did a good job with putting on the marathon, the water stops were perfectly placed and plentiful never had to wait for Gatorade or water, was surprise there was no gel on the course but people were giving out so much stuff that you really didn't need much. First time ever were I saw tissue paper being handed out for all our running noses. the course was perfect, even though it was flat there were hills sprinkle in to give you a break and the Houston Police Dept were incredible in holding back traffic.

The marathon was so well done even through the finish, as much as I love my family member being around when done it was just nice for the family member to be separated from the athletes when we were done, it was just the time you needed to get your self together and recover a bit before facing the crowd of people. Wasn't crazy about the swag, but better than most.

Interesting fact I passes 297 in the last 4.5 miles and only 16 people passed me. On Tuesday 1/17 I am actually fully recovered from this race which is awesome.


Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Wow 4:31 is great and to recover so quickly! You will meat and beat your goals in no time

Jamoosh said...

So very awesome! Glad Houston was mostly good to you. 4:31 is great!

Kathy said...

It was a great day for a marathon, the weather couldn't have been better. I agree, the kleenex people were a nice surprise! Great job!!!

Laura Boll said...

Nice job! Sorry we didn't get to meet up... way to go on getting so close to your 4:30!!