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Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Between training

Well, since the Houston Marathon my training has realy been whatever I wanted to do running wise + cross training + MAP2012 but that is about to come to an end. I decided to use Focus n Fly for the rest of the year to write my training plan they did the one for Houston and I was happy with it and ran without injury.

I think I found an am running partner, she lives about 15mins from but we meet about half way to run, we are running the same pace and have about the same goal but she is a little bit ahead, I think it will be great if I can get 3 of my week day in on the road instead of all on the treadmill. We have done 2 runs together and things seem to workout out fine, DH is currently out of the country so he is not aware of my morning outdoor runs will see how he reacts to that. Oh well.

The intention will be to run Mon/Wed/Fri which is our easy days together and even thought the scehdule calls for 2-4 miles sometimes the intention will always be to do 6 miles it seems completely pointless to dress up in all that cold running gear just to get 2 miles in @ 5am. Talking about gear since this is the first time I am truly running outdoors in the winter I find that I do not have much to wear, so may have to do some shopping, really hard to sleep in when you have someone waiting for you.

Almost done with Dax Moy training program but thinking I mat repeat it on my own since I like the program and like the result I am seeing. the eating plan has been great, surprise that I can give up Pasta and bread and be fine with it

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