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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rolling with Life

Had to go home to Nigeria to bury my Uncle who died unexpectedly, he was 10 days from his 80th birthday and had been planning a big celebration for himself instead we got to celebrate his life, so enjoy life you just never know when the reaper will come knocking.
I got back from Nigeria just in time to wrap things up at work before starting my Christmas vacation, traveling out of the country during the peak of marathon training was hard due to everything that needed to be done I knew I was going to get no running in and getting back it was a struggle to keep up with the schedule especially since that weekend long run was 20 miles got it done but it wasn't pretty.

Right now hanging out in Panama City Florida and I have another 20 miler this weekend and have been trying to figure out where to run, the local running group made some suggestion and I'll be checking them out.

This is the view from  my room, the weather has been beautiful and getting my runs in has been easy

Today's scheduled run was 8x400@VO2/ with 2 mins recovery so goal time was 2.08, didn't have a track and didn't feel like doing it on the treadmill so ran it on the road wasn't too bad since there wasn't too much traffic where I was running.



Problem with right ankle, so icing it, not quite sure what is going on it with

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