Miles to Health

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 1 of HBBC (Nov 19 -Nov 25) review

Total Miles Ran = 36.64 miles = 36.6 points
Strength Training = 32 mins = 1.5 points
Vegetable & Fruit = 3 days = 3 points
Total Points =  41.14 points

Easy week since I was fighting something, just wanted to get some level of workout in, with the hope of it making me feel better, drank lots of Emergen C and was able to get in lots of good quality slow runs.


Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Hey Elizabeth, Wanted to let yo know in case you wanna take part. I'm doing an ornament exchange over on my blog.

mommyrunfast said...

Hi! Found you through run to the finish, and saw you're running in Houston... hopefully we'll get a chance to meet then!

Andrew Opala said...

... good quality slow runs ... hmmm I have to use that line on my coach someday! :)