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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tryptophan Two Hour Two Mile Loop Fun Run

3rd group run for this long weekend, so after the hilly trail run wasn't quite sure what the body was going to do today and what pace I was going to be able to keep. The last 2 runs started at 9am which was a treat so getting up to the 7am start today was hard, got up with no issue except for a slight tightness on left calf which quickly worked itself out. Got dresses had 2 slices of bread with Nutella and mixed up a bottle of Accelerate (this is what I have been using all weekend and it had worked out great with minimal soreness).
Got to the running store late at 7:02am but they were running late since we didn't start until 7:15, got my #, the intention is to drop apiece of paper with your number on it for a drawing at the end of the race for each loop you do (didn't win any thing).
Wasn't sure what pace I wasn't going to go but knew I wanted to do at least 5 loops, started out the first loop in the 9:30 pace and felt fine so decided to see if I could hold the pace for all 5 loops. At the end of loop 5 was still feeling great and had time to do 1 more so went for it. Great run glad I got up to do since it was also nice a lot of runners I haven't seen in a while. Got a chance to test out a Brooks running vest, very nice and comfortable.

Got back home and did 52mins of strength training using Kelly Coffer Meyer's workout DVD.

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

what a fun name for the run!! I wish we had any groups running over T-Day..everyone vanishes in Miami on the holidays